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This SRD is documentation to create 4 days, 4 season (4D4S) games.

The SRD is based on Autumn Bells by Jared Mason. The original game is available here.

4D4S games are solo journaling games about a character or object's experiences. The story is told through snapshots of the most influential years.

The game is played by laying out a grid of cards. The 4 rows represented the years selected for the game (eg 1, 5, 30, 100). The 4 columns represent the 4 seasons within the year (eg Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring). Players turn cards over one at a time, exploring prompts and mechanics as they do.

You might want to tell stories about:

  • A magical teaching wizard's career (the basis of Autumn Bells). The story would be told at year 1, 5, 30, and 100.
  • A fighter pilot. The story would be told as a new recruit learning to fly (year 1), fresh into routine military service (year 3), going into combat (year 5), and retiring into commercial flying (year 20).
  • A thousand year old tree, and what it has seen throughout history
  • A handcrafted sword, handed down through the ages
  • The life of a horse, and all its owners over four selected years
  • A seafaring vessel. From its creation, it's time as a cruise ship, being repurposed as a floating hospital, becoming a floating museum, and getting salvaged at a scrapyard. 
  • A chapel in a medieval church, and all the things its seen through the ages

The SRD is CC-BY4.0 and comes with additional permission to use the 4D4S logo. It is available for free.


Main SRD document, logo files, template files to create your own games (based on year or season layouts)

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GenreRole Playing
Tagsjournaling, solo, srd


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